Peering Policy

Our peering policy is Open.

Shimane Data Center Club is actively increasing the number of peer-ASs to be connected, aiming for high quality connectivity.
Please note that this policy is not a guarantee of peering.

Our network is for the purpose of training technicians.
If you do not conform to our policies, please feel free to contact us.

AS Number

AS38074 [SDCC Open Network] (
AS140868 [SDCC ONW Testbed] (


・The route object and as-set object must be registered in the IRR.

・Contact information must be publicly available.

・Appropriate technical personnel should be able to respond quickly to technical issues related to networks and security.

Peering Point

Public Peering

・SDCC-IX-East(Itabashi, Tokyo : Route-Server/directPeer)

Private Peering

・Shimane University Clubroom radio shack(Matsue, Shimane : NTT-West NGN/SINET)

・IZO-01(Matsue, Shimane : NTT-West NGN)

・FNS-01(Tomioka, Gunma : NTT-East NGN)

Cross Connect / Other Direct Connect

・VLT01-TYO01(Vultr instance)

Technical Requirements

Due to the non-profit nature of our organization, we are not able to provide leased lines, dark fiber, etc.
However, this does not apply if your network prepares its own equipment.

If your method does not fall into the following categories, please consult us.

・Connection using the SINET5 virtual private line service (on request)

・Tunnel connection over Internet(IPv4 or IPv6)

・Tunnel connection over the intra-network of NGN provided by NTT West/East.(IPv6)

Tunnel Type

GRE , IP over IP , EtherIP , L2TPv3

*Acceptable protocols vary by location. For details, please consult with us at the time of peering.